Project Management

Why This Service is The Right Choice

The key to long-term success running an estate is having a household manual – which can take up to 500 hours (based on a 25,OOO square foot home) to create. The decommissioning, servicing and commissioning of your watercraft is a six-month process. Exterior and interior painting work are constrained by weather and HOA restrictions. Seasonally transporting vehicles and livestock requires pre-planning and scheduling.

As project managers, MDA has the experience and resources to monitor and make sure projects are completed in a timely and cost-efficient way.

How Major Domo Advantage Works For You

Your Project Management Services Can Include:

  • Overseeing all your capital improvement projects
  • Communicating and scheduling all vendors and contractors
  • Invoice management
  • More (connect to discuss your unique requirements)

Insights On Our Process

We’ll communicate in writing, keeping you informed about each
project’s progress and ensuring your investment runs smoothly.