Personal Assistant & Concierge

Why This Service is The Right Choice

Have you ever had the thought:
"Can't someone else do that?

That’s where Major Domo Advantage fits in. We believe that your time is valuable and our services give you back the moments you deserve – to spend how you enjoy. 

Since 2004 our founder, Paul Gagnon, has worked in the personal assistant, concierge and corporate security fields having represented the Kraft Sports Group, Fidelity Investments and ultra-high net worth private family offices.

MDA is well versed in seasonal packing and shipping, arranging private and corporate transportation, assisting private chefs with either formal or informal meals and ensuring the safety of family members and guests.  

How Major Domo Advantage Works For You

Your Personal Assistant & Concierge Services Can Include: 
  • Ensuring your property is fully stocked with necessary supplies
  • Organizing all your Family and Guest transportation needs
  • Supervising the staff to ensure efficiency
  • More (connect to discuss your unique requirements)

Insights On Our Process

Today’s technology offers the ability to shop when you’d like; we’ll be there to receive and put away the items to your liking. When what you desire isn’t available online, MDA knows how and where to provision the item for you.