Our Approach:

Provide Flexibility, Security, and Reliability
to your properties & tangible assets

How We Work For You

Tailor-made Contracts to suit your project:

Major Domo Advantage is your fractional, interim or full time estate manager acting as your trusted owner’s representative, offering effective project management and providing concierge services. As a secure key-holder, we are responsible for all of your estate management needs when you are in residence or away.

Major Domo Advantage provides you with a private service agreement and a mutually beneficial non-disclosure agreement. These two agreements free you from the expenses associated with having another full-time employee, paying benefits, and the risk of someday having to separate staff from the company. You get all the advantages of your own private major domo, with the added benefit of our property and security expertise.

By the Hour

  • Examples of tasks include:
  • alarm response
  • servicing autos
  • dog walking
  • shipping

By the Project

  • Examples of projects include:
  • seasonal opening
  • pool startup
  • tree trimming
  • construction oversight

By the Time Frame

  • Examples include:
  • Your contract has a specific Time Frame
  • This gives you flexibility to think, plan and execute our services when it's convenient for you.

We are available at your request for one-off, short-term, seasonal, long-term, and/or ongoing projects. Our scope of work will be agreed upon in advance and codified in a private service agreement for clear expectations.

We provide many types of estate management and home watch services.
Looking for something not listed, contact us and we’ll make it happen.

Clients Speaking On Our Behalf:

If you need an estate manager you can trust to keep things at your property running smoothly, Paul Gagnon is your person.
Major Domo Advantage Estate Management Testimonial
Ashley Boiardi
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