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We Bring Luxury Back Home

Let us create an experience tailored to you. Whether it’s your primary or vacation home, we want it to feel like a getaway. Our goal is to remove household tasks from your list. Our responsibilities can include sourcing & supervising staff and vendors, organizing your household, creating manuals, caring for your pets or livestock and preventative maintenance of homes, yachts, vehicles, appliances, devices etc. We ensure that all safety protocols are adhered to and your arrivals or departures happen smoothly. Let us know what we can do to bring tranquility and luxury to your everyday environment and/or your summer escape. 

Paul Gagnon Major Domo Advantage

Meet Your Major Domo

Paul Gagnon, our founder, has experience working for two ultra high-net worth families, those Family’s Corporate Offices, and three NFL team ownerships. He has been “in the room” as a direct concierge and in a security role to athletes, celebrities, international dignitaries, US Senators and their advance teams. As the hub of resources for these VIP’s, Paul is the “go-to guy” for planning, staffing, and effectively managing outcomes.


As an Estate Manager on Cape Cod, MA working for an ultra high-net worth family in conjunction with their corporate office based in Palm Beach, FL, Paul Gagnon developed systems of efficiencies for his staff, contractors, vendors and clients. His first career in law enforcement and second profession in high net-worth real estate property management form the methods and culture of Major Domo Advantage.

Paul’s 20-years as a police officer involved patrol, fraud, prosecution, crime-scene analysis, motorcycle, equestrian, and community relations divisions. As he approached retirement eligibility, Paul joined TeamOps, an affiliate of The Kraft Group, and was assigned personal security and concierge details for the ownership, players, coaches, and staff members of the New England Patriots, celebrity guests and performers. Paul’s six years in this role required discretion, reliability, flexibility, and a neutral view of his clients. He traveled with clients throughout the US and London. Upon retirement from law enforcement, Paul was offered a position with Fidelity Investments Corporate Security. His role there was to provide access control, ensure highly sensitive material was not left unattended, preserve documents, and provide executive protection.

Simultaneously, Paul has maintained a real estate agent license for over 35 years. His focus is on property management, distressed properties, and traditional sales. All licensed real estate professionals are required to act as fiduciaries, showing loyalty to their clients. Paul puts a premium on being loyal to his clients, even when faced with competing interests (such as a divorcing couple where he balances both parties’ needs privately and separately). He is a trusted advisor and valued partner, acting as their Major Domo, Chief-of-Staff, to help simplify the essentials of life.

Paul Gagnon with team members of New England Patriots
Paul Gagnon Major Domo Travels with Clients


Based on his love of service and a wide-array of experiences, Paul decided to merge his two professions together to service ultra-high-net-worth families as a Private Service Professional. Now, as a freelance Luxury Estate Manager and Home-Watch Professional, Paul offers loyalty, security, and confidentiality

While Paul Gagnon is personally watching over special projects, budgets, timeline parameters, and/or communicating with the family office for guidance, you can remain focused on your work, your vacation time with loved ones, and passion projects such as art, philanthropy, ranching, boating, and preserving your legacy.