FAQ: Answers to Your Everyday Questions

The term has origins in Europe and refers to the chief of a house, chief stewart or someone who acts on behalf of the owner of a large residence.

Major Domo Advantage was created to tilt the personnel advantage towards the Principal. Through years of employment as a Private Service Professional, Paul recognized that not every estate requires a 24-7-365 manager or domestic staff. MDA works as a contractor on a per-dime basis under private service and non-disclosure agreements.

PSA’s set the expectations of both the Principal and Major Domo Advantage during the scope of a specific project. Time lines, reporting requirements and compensation fees are outlined in the document. These criteria are negotiated and agreed upon in advance by both parties.

Non-disclosure agreements sound intimidating. Our NDA and honesty bond attempt to protect both the Principal and our staff from untoward situations. Let’s face facts…. MDA staff will have approved access to enter your property and will see, hear, smell and touch things. Today’s fast paced social media driven society is tempting for some and Major Domo Advantage strives to protect you and your family. We’re bonded and insured for your extra peace of mind.

Our Home Watch services are designed to visually inspect your property for obvious issues. Insurance and mortgage companies require vacant properties to be checked, on a schedule, to maintain coverage. Unaddressed water leaks or intrusions is one of the most damaging elements to property. As an accredited, insured and bonded member of the National Home Watch Associated, we take risk mitigations very seriously.

Yes… the safety and security of your person and property is paramount. We are equipped to respond on your behalf for alarms or inquiries from first responders. The parameters of this service are agreed to in advance and written into the PSA.

Our Founder, Paul Gagnon, is a Brand Ambassador for Silver Swan Recruitment based in Miami, FL and London, UK. Our relationship with SSR will streamline the search for seasonal, part-time, full-time or contracted staff.

We understand that many of our clients either transport their vehicles seasonally or leave a vehicle on-site while they are away. Those vehicles may need to be on a trickle charge, serviced or received from the shipper and MDA has Commercial General Liability coverage to do that. The scope of this work will be written into the private service agreement.

MDA is not a limousine service, however, as your contracted worker, MDA can transport you, curb to curb, to the airport. 

Paul has been experienced in private airport access for 20 years since beginning his private service work with the Newport England Patriots.

Clients routinely ask us to receive and send packages thru FedEx, UPS and the USPS. Some types of items sent in those packages are seasonal clothing, prescriptions, on-line shopping deliveries and art work. As a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing, we’re confident in our abilities to pack or unpack clothing sent in advance of their arrival.

Provisioning food and essentials to the home or boat is a common request. Although it’s convenient to have groceries delivered today an item you requested may not be in stock. We make every effort to source that item instead of substituting it with an inferior product.

Major Domo Advantage is primarily based in the smallest state of the union, Rhode Island. That being said, our insurance and bonding is portable to where ever our clients are, from Boston, MA to Newport, RI.