Estate Management & Domestic Staffing

Why This Service is The Right Choice

Our founder, Paul Gagnon, has years of experience as an Estate Manager for ultra-high net worth families. As such, he’s been involved in the high-level care of his Principals’ properties & assets, as well as sourcing & hiring domestic staff.

During that time, Paul realized that not every home has enough year round work for a full-time estate manager or domestic help.

Most states mandate full time employees (those who work over 30 hours per week) are offered health coverage. Hiring permanent staff often requires discussion about 401k contributions, employee reviews, raises, bonuses and the potential of separating the employee.

MDA is Paul’s vision to service clients more efficiently and cost-effectively, by eliminating unnecessary obstacles and expenses.

How Major Domo Advantage Works For You

Your Estate Management & Domestic Staffing Services Can Include:
  • Consulting on a plan for all seasons to manage your estate
  • Advising you on the correct order to hire staff
  • Developing household manuals for consistency
  • More (connect to discuss your unique requirements)

Insights On Our Process

As your Estate Managers we are the eyes and ears of your home. MDA is professional, communicates effectively, plans responsibly and integrates seamlessly with other team members. Our managers are well organized, have excellent time management skills and demonstrate confidentiality & discretion.

As a Brand Ambassador for Silver Swan Recruitment, we source and place estate managers and domestic staff on a fractional, interim or full-time basis. 

This saves family offices, human resource directors and principals the typical time and expense related to hiring a candidate.

Clients Speaking On Our Behalf:

Mr. Gagnon supervised other employees with ease and managed the properties effortlessly. His organizational and management skills are unmatched.
Review Of Estate Management For Major Domo Advantage
Ashley Boiardi
Regan Communications Group